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Can I connect my Bluetooth Hearing Aid to the EQUINOX Series detectors?Updated a year ago

Question: Can I connect my Bluetooth Hearing Aid to the EQUINOX Series detectors?


Answer: Bluetooth® Hearing Aids are largely intended to allow the wearer to intentionally connect to other Bluetooth® compatible devices, such as phones and audio streams. They enable the wearer to stream audio on-the-go without having to remove the hearing aid and insert earbuds.
The EQUINOX Series detectors are Bluetooth® compatible devices.
While there are various different types of streaming audio hearing aids available on the market, if the hearing aid supports Bluetooth® A2DP or Bluetooth® aptX-Low Latency™ then it will be compatible with the EQUINOX Series detectors.
Pairing with the EQUINOX is achieved by pressing and holding the Wireless button on the side of the Control Unit for 5 seconds.
While pairing is being performed the Wireless icon on the LCD will flash rapidly for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds the Bluetooth® icon will start flashing on the LCD to indicate a Bluetooth device is being paired.
The initial pairing may take up to 5 minutes. During the pairing process the user should not press the Wireless button as this will stop the pairing process.
Once paired, the EQUINOX will display a solid Bluetooth® icon on the top right of the LCD. If the hearing aid is aptX-Low Latency™ Bluetooth compatible the ‘+’ icon will also be displayed.
Consult your Hearing Aid User Manual for additional pairing instructions specific to your hearing aid.

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