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My Garrett ACE 250 is acting erratic, what can I do?Updated a year ago

Question: My Garrett ACE 250 is acting erratic, what can I do?



1) Try another set of batteries. Don't mix battery types (alkaline/heavy duty) Be certain they are installed correctly.
2) Are you using a coil cover? If so, remove it and be certain no junk has gotten caught up in it.
3) Is the cable flopping around loose? It should be secured snugly around the shaft so no free play. Also inspect the cable to be sure there is no damage to it.
4) Is the cable connector that connects to the housing attached correctly and snugly? Remove and reinstall.
5) Lower sensitivity to about four bars and test again.
6) Try the reset on the 250 - press and hold the power button 5-10 seconds until the detector beeps. This will return it to factory settings.
7) If these efforts don't work contact Garrett. Toll-free 800-527-4011

* This process can be used on all Garrett ACE detectors and AT series.


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