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Reshipping FraudUpdated 7 months ago

As more businesses start operating on the Internet, the chances of fraudulent purchases increases. Many scams and illegal operations have been updated and modified for use in the eCommerce environment.

According to the U.S. Post Office and FBI one of the most prevalent schemes making a comeback is that of reshipping.
This fraud depends upon unsuspecting victims looking for a work from home job, or a way to supplement their income. The unsuspecting person may become involved in an illegal act and be liable for civil damages as well as being defrauded themselves by having their identity stolen and used to perpetuate the reshipping scheme.

If you have been hired as a reshipper employee or in any other capacity, notify your local law enforcement agency or the FBI as soon as possible and DO NOT forward or reship any packages received in this capacity. If this package has been shipped by our firm, Kellyco Metal Detectors, and you did not order this product, please contact us toll free at (888) 535-5926 and ask for please let our support team know. You can also contact the shipper, UPS or U.S. Post Office, and request that they pick up the package and return it to the shipper (Kellyco). Post Office may require your returning package to them in order to be returned to us. In no way are you to retain ownership of any fraudulent packages or cartons unless instructed to do so by the FBI or U.S. Post Office.

For More Important Information:

Please visit the links below and familiarize yourself with the risks and possible outcomes of being involved in a reshipping (fraud) from home job.

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