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Types of Metal DetectingUpdated a year ago

As someone new to the hobby of metal detecting, you probably are not sure what type of detecting you will be doing. Coinshooting, Beach or Relic hunting, or gold prospecting. Read below to try to determine what type of detectorist you are. 

Coin Shooting

  • Coin shooting is one of the most common types of metal detecting. Most new people entering the hobby start with parks and yards which is a common area to find coins. Although there are many different types of targets that can be found when coin shooting, these types of detectorist prefer finding coins.

Beach Detecting

  • These types of detectorist prefer to detect beaches, both fresh and saltwater. Many people visit the beach and because of water and suntan lotion, rings fly off fingers. With so many people visiting the beach, fresh dropped items are commonly found with metal detectors. To detect the beach in the wet saltwater sand or salt water, they had to have equipment that can handle the mineralization on the saltwater beaches.

Relic Hunting

  • Relic hunting is when the detectorist is looking for items that have been in the ground for a while. Civil War relic hunting is preferred by most in the US. Researching old maps and records is how these types of hunters get on to old property. 


  • Individuals who are interested in prospecting are looking for gold. There is a variety of ways to search for new gold deposits, or nuggets. Metal detectors that operate in a higher frequency can be used. Some prefer to pan for gold or use a dredge. 
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